Love and species loyalty

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It is interesting isn’t it? That we often feel we love our dog or cat more than we love humans. We humans are, after all, prone to extremes of cruelty, that most animals, outside the absolute necessity for survival, would disdain. We also possess a few characteristics we can be really proud of.

Suppose then, that you are in a situation were the life of your beloved animal is put up against the life of a previously unknown human being. Who’s life would you save?

I once heard of a person who, supposedly, dearly loved their servant, but in fact put the welfare of strangers from their own class, way above the welfare of the “beloved” retainer.
Love is not the same thing, as want or need or feeling the most comfortable with. Love is about extending the interests of the self into the interests of another, it is the reproductive…

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By Yisheng Qingwa

The original Christian beliefs, exemplified by the Cathars

The Really Radical Dyslexic Station

I have not read the book “Jesus and the Lost Goddess” from which this excerpt comes. But from it’s synopsis it appears to draw the same conclusion which I arrived at, via a rather long and winding route, through ancient authors such as Herodotus and Diodorus Siculus and the bible; finally searching for the goddess herself through archaeology, anthropology and mythology. The conclusion being that Christianity was not a new religion but the resurrection of a religion older than the old testament, older than the patriarchal distortions that defaced the last eras of paganism: the original and forgotten faith of god the mother and her risen son or daughter.

images“Catharism was for many years the prevalent form of Christianity in large areas of France, Spain and Italy. The Cathars called themselves the friends of God and condemned the literalist Church as the Church of the Anti-Christ. They claimed to be…

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By Yisheng Qingwa

Christabel Pankhurst

The Really Radical Dyslexic Station


“Christabel Pankhurst became the leader of the militant WSPU, in 1905,

Following her father in his profession, she had studied law at Victoria University. Where she won first-class honours in the LL.B. exam in 1905, but she was not permitted to practice law on account of her sex.

She became one of the WPSU’s most powerful speakers, at one time in 1908 speaking to a crowd of 500,000.

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By Yisheng Qingwa

Malespeak with Radical Feminist Translations


Guest post by:
Elaine Charkowski

Mary Daly in her book Quintessence wrote, “Naming the agent is required for an adequate analysis of atrocities.” As linguist Julia Penelope has shown in her book Speaking Freely: Unlearning the Lies of the Fathers’ Tongues, “Agent deletion is a dangerous and common mind-muddying flaw.”

The purpose of “Malespeak” is to avoid naming MALE violence against women and it’s perpetrators (MEN) specifically. After reading Carol Adam’s books (Neither Man Nor Beast, The Sexual Politics of Meat and The Pornography of Meat) about how male violence against animals and women are not named, I watched for more instances of linguistic techniques to avoid naming male violence against women. Here are the kinds I have gathered so far. I’m sure there are more!

•The Absent Referent
This refers to something without actually NAMING it. Carol Adams coined this term in her books linking men’s abuse of women…

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By Yisheng Qingwa

Radfem HUB Archives Now Open


just wanted to let everyone know that the HUB has been reopened as an archives.  please note the new address:

also, the original wordpress address, which was still works, and all links to HUB content which include the original address, that is, links dropped PRIOR TO january, 2012 — when the domain was purchased — will still take you to the content.  all links to HUB after january, 2012 which contain the now-defunct address, will take you to the .com address, which is no longer under radfem control.

among other things, prior to the archives being made available, 3500+ tainted links within the HUB itself, that is, links in the HUB linking to the HUB had to be changed/updated to avoid taking people into (possibly) enemy territory via clicking through to the .com.  get it?  i am currently undertaking this link updating endeavor on my…

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By Yisheng Qingwa

The Chariot Queen

The Really Radical Dyslexic Station

This is a ‘must see’ BBC documentary! Although the original programme of the excavation of the chariot queen is better: this documentary contains updates, and references her sacred mirror.
I miss the “Meet The Ancestors” series.

Julian Richards returns to the excavation of two very different Iron Age women.

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By Yisheng Qingwa

The Forgiveness Myth

The Arctic Feminist

A common myth leveled at survivors of rape and abuse is that we need to “forgive” our rapists in order to begin to heal ourselves.  Rape is always made about how the victim responds to it.  How we BUILD CHARACTER from trauma.  What we LEARN.

Fuck all that.

It is an act of self-respect and preservation to not forgive.  What happens when a woman decides to forgive her rapist?  She “heals” and is now able to “love” again.
What does it mean to heal and love again?  To be willing to put ourselves into situations with men where we are going to be fucked.  All this methodology is about making it so that women return to relationships with men.  It is a fundamental part of compulsory heterosexuality.  We take what we have learned about the nature of men, what they have done to our bodies and we subvert it.  We…

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By Yisheng Qingwa

Men Love The Ladies Restroom- Transgender Edition


Transgender Activists always dismiss the realistic concerns that women have about allowing males into spaces that are sex segregated for female privacy from male predators. Such as restrooms, locker rooms, showers, hospital bed assignments, jail cells, homeless shelters, rape crisis centers, etc. These activists deny and disregard the real threat to females by males, even males who want to dress in feminine clothes or who “feel like women inside” or who have a psychiatric disorder that causes them to claim they are actually female, even though they are male. These men do not give a shit about the actual people they want to minstrelize and dress up as and mimic. They not only deny that we are oppressed because of our sex, they claim our sex doesn’t even exist! But they do more than deny female reality and make kooky claims: They are using the political capital of Lesbians and Gays…

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By Yisheng Qingwa


It was incredibly emotional — incredibly difficult even for an outsider like me to watch what happened as these two young men that had such promising futures, star football players, very good students, literally watched as they believe their life fell apart.

CNN reporter Poppy Harlow on witnessing the Steubenville verdict

Like most women, I live in fear of ruining promising lives. The trouble is, it’s so easy to do. We can even do it in our sleep. It doesn’t matter what we wear, where we go, whom we’re with, whether we’re drunk or sober – any one of us could end up ruining a promising life. It could even be the life of a friend or partner (obviously some lives are less promising than others, but as women we don’t get to choose).

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By Yisheng Qingwa