We have to unlearn what we have learned.

Questions for Us

The penny has dropped for me.

It happened last week; the week that saw this blog turn two – a blog that was spawned from the chasm of questions I had about myself and the world I was navigating through with my two daughters. At risk of sounding like a colossal cliché, it was, in fact, my phase as a mother that really drove the creation of the blog…I was starting to lose myself in the label and rubber stamp that is, ‘mother’.
The intention was to engage with others and make some sense of the madness; to dig down to the dark and selfish root system our species seems to be drawing its inspiration from, in an attempt to unpack the question: How did we get to this toxic point in time?
An online discussion with radical feminist, Sister Trinity, saw me reach a pinnacle in my thinking. 


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By Yisheng Qingwa

Love and species loyalty

The Really Radical Dyslexic Station

It is interesting isn’t it? That we often feel we love our dog or cat more than we love humans. We humans are, after all, prone to extremes of cruelty, that most animals, outside the absolute necessity for survival, would disdain. We also possess a few characteristics we can be really proud of.

Suppose then, that you are in a situation were the life of your beloved animal is put up against the life of a previously unknown human being. Who’s life would you save?

I once heard of a person who, supposedly, dearly loved their servant, but in fact put the welfare of strangers from their own class, way above the welfare of the “beloved” retainer.
Love is not the same thing, as want or need or feeling the most comfortable with. Love is about extending the interests of the self into the interests of another, it is the reproductive…

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By Yisheng Qingwa