The original Christian beliefs, exemplified by the Cathars

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I have not read the book “Jesus and the Lost Goddess” from which this excerpt comes. But from it’s synopsis it appears to draw the same conclusion which I arrived at, via a rather long and winding route, through ancient authors such as Herodotus and Diodorus Siculus and the bible; finally searching for the goddess herself through archaeology, anthropology and mythology. The conclusion being that Christianity was not a new religion but the resurrection of a religion older than the old testament, older than the patriarchal distortions that defaced the last eras of paganism: the original and forgotten faith of god the mother and her risen son or daughter.

images“Catharism was for many years the prevalent form of Christianity in large areas of France, Spain and Italy. The Cathars called themselves the friends of God and condemned the literalist Church as the Church of the Anti-Christ. They claimed to be…

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By Yisheng Qingwa