Radfem HUB Archives Now Open


just wanted to let everyone know that the HUB has been reopened as an archives.  please note the new address: radicalhubarchives.wordpress.com.

also, the original wordpress address, which was radicalhub.wordpress.com still works, and all links to HUB content which include the original wordpress.com address, that is, links dropped PRIOR TO january, 2012 — when the domain was purchased — will still take you to the content.  all links to HUB after january, 2012 which contain the now-defunct radicalhub.com address, will take you to the .com address, which is no longer under radfem control.

among other things, prior to the archives being made available, 3500+ tainted links within the HUB itself, that is, links in the HUB linking to the HUB had to be changed/updated to avoid taking people into (possibly) enemy territory via clicking through to the .com.  get it?  i am currently undertaking this link updating endeavor on my…

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By Yisheng Qingwa