The Really Radical Dyslexic Station

“Throughout prehistory, most people lived in tribes established through maternal kinship lines, not unlike the mother-bonded groups of elephants, whales, dolphins, and some other mammals. Such bonding was the foundation of the village, and of cooperative groups that enabled humans to lay the groundwork of civilization.

Human males were once as unaware of fatherhood as any other mammals, but all people knew they were born of, and raised by, a mother. Men claimed no ownership of children. Our cartoon Paleolithic “cave man” with a club intimidating “his” mate and “his” offspring is an absurdity derived from our modern patriarchism. It seems much more likely that women owned the cave and the land, provided most of the tribe’s food and clothing, planned and built dwellings with the men’s help, shared child care, and coupled with various men whenever they felt like it. Certainly there was no such concept as monogamy, even…

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By Yisheng Qingwa