Forgiveness + Positive Thinking = Eating Shit

Forgiveness + Positive Thinking = Eating Shit

Every patriarchal religion has a Forgiveness Clause. Forgive! It’s Holy! Get Whole again!  Why even the Dalai Lama says forgiveness is good for you. And not only that, any psychologist who spent all that money getting the paper-thingee to sit and listen to kinda redundant incest/depression tales will tell you the same: Forgive! Because it’s the only way you’ll heal…

The congregation and the couch-client, we all know, are primarily FEMALE. — Women trying to find succor from the layer upon layer upon layer of psychic/spiritual damage patriarchy inflicts on all women. The forgiveness clause is for us (and the kids later on with their damn class-action lawsuits). Do men forgive? Have the Palestinian patriarchal command forgiven the Israeli patriarchal command? Did the English Airforce forgive the German Infantry? Have the Crips forgiven the Bloods?? HELL NO. Men don’t forgive. Forgiveness is for gurrls. Men do war. Because men understand forgiveness as capitulation, as an admission of overwhelming powerlessness. As Robin Morgan pointed out in Demon Lover, her scintillating work on men and terrorism: They try-out their atrocities on us. A rarely-noticed side effect of these homelab scientific tinkerings is women nearly dead from pain, at a complete loss on how to ever function normally again. Regardless of the method/crime, the aftermath of male-induced trauma is the same: a smashed psyche (psychological fragmentation goes nicely with the dicing-up-our-bodies thing. Matches!) And while women are curled in fetal positions under blankets, perseverating, wondering what just happened, they hand us forgiveness. Here: Try this. Onus on you.”

Go read the rest; it burns with truth.

By Yisheng Qingwa

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  1. Oh yes, this needed to be said! The fact that ”forgiveness” is always asked from women but not from men tells all about the reality of patriarchal ”forgiveness” = capitulation. I was bullied as a child and got sick of hearing that if I didn’t *forgive* my attackers then there would always be something wrong with me! Not with them, with me! I wonder why more women don’t see through this bullshit. In order to keep the spark of hunger for justice alive, you need to be unforgiving of your oppressors. That is something that I highly price in my radical feminist principles and I have been told that I’m ”bitter about things that have happened to me” and that I ”hold grudges to people for years and years” and that I’m ”so terribly revengeful” but you know what? I don’t think that’s wrong.

    The oppressed need to hold grudges, to always remember what has been done to them and who the oppressors really are because that is the right thing to do; otherwise we are just selling other women out all the time. Nobody says anything about that, but I’ve always known ”forgiveness” for the oppressed just works for staying oppressed and is total bullshit.

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